在美国,任何人都不能, 以性为基础, 被排除在参与之外, 被剥夺…的好处, or be subjected to discrimination under any education program or activity receiving Federal 金融援助."

第九条适用于接受联邦财政援助的教育机构, 包括南犹他大学. 教育al programs and activities that receive federal funds must operate in a nondiscriminatory manner. 受《澳门太阳集团城首页》影响的一些关键问题领域是:招聘, 澳门太阳集团城, and counseling; 金融援助; athletics; sex-based harassment; treatment of pregnant and parenting 学生; discipline; single-sex education; 和就业. 也, 第九条 addresses issues such as retaliation against any person for opposing an unlawful educational practice or policy, 或者进行收费, 根据《澳门太阳集团城首页》作证或参与任何投诉行动.

素政策5.60, 不正当的性行为, 定义并禁止基于性别的歧视, 包括性骚扰, in 教育计划及活动; details how to report a violation of policy; describes 南犹他大学 resources and supportive measures to protect those involved in the process; and outlines investigation, 纪律, 以及正当的程序来处理被举报的违反这一政策的行为.

《澳门太阳集团城首页》惠及所有人——女孩和男孩,女人和男人. 法律要求教育机构维持政策, 实践, 以及不因性别而歧视任何人的项目. 素政策5.60, 不正当的性行为, 禁止性别歧视, 性骚扰, 以及政策规定的报复行为. 违反昂山素季政策.60 include but are not limited to acts or attempts of dating and relationship violence; domestic violence; discrimination based on sex, 怀孕, 妊娠相关条件, 性取向, 性别认同, or gender expression; hostile environment based on sex, 怀孕, 妊娠相关条件, 性取向, 性别认同, or gender expression (including intimidation and hazing/bullying); 性骚扰; sexual assault (including nonconsensual sexual contact or non-consensual sexual intercourse); sexual exploitation (including engaging in sexual trafficking); and stalking. 素政策5.第60条适用于(1)受雇于, 参加, or affiliated with the 大学; (2) participating in any 大学 program or activity, 包括但不限于受托人, 管理员, 教师, 工作人员, 学生, 独立承包人, 志愿者, and guests; and/or (3) visiting campus or any property owned or leased by the 大学.

Elimination of discrimination against women and girls has received more attention because females historically have faced greater gender restrictions and barriers in education. A continued effort to achieve educational equity has benefited all 学生 by moving toward the creation of school environments where all 学生 五月 learn and achieve the highest standards.

尽管《澳门太阳集团城首页》最为人所知的是它在体育运动中的应用, 法律适用于教育的每一个方面, 包括课程设置, 辅导及辅导资料, 金融援助, 学生健康和保险福利和/或其他服务, 住房, 学生之婚姻及父母状况, 体育与运动, 教育计划及活动, 和就业.

此外,素政策5.60, 不正当的性行为, applies to all persons employed by or affiliated with the 大学 in any way and persons participating in any 大学 program or activity, 包括但不限于受托人, 顾问委员会成员, 管理员, 教师, 工作人员, 学生, 独立承包人, 志愿者, and guests or visitors to any 大学 campus or any property owned or leased by the 大学.

任何人都可以举报性别歧视, 包括性骚扰 (whether or not the person reporting is the person alleged to be the victim of conduct that could constitute sex discrimination or 性骚扰), 使用以下任何一种方法向第九条协调员提交:

  1. 亲自在351 W. 大学大道,本尼恩大厦,111套房,雪松城,UT 84720 (8:00a.m. -营业时间仅为下午五时);
  2. 素.edu/titleix;
  3. 邮寄到351 W. 大学大道,雪松城,UT 84720(随时);
  4. 电话:435-586-5419(随时);
  5. 通过电子邮件: Title9@素.edu (anytime); or
  6. by any other means that results in the 第九条 Coordinator receiving the person’s oral or written report.

要看情况而定. 素政策5.60, 不正当的性行为, 定义谁必须, 五月, 不得向第九条办公室报告涉嫌性别歧视或性骚扰. 尽可能地, it is a good idea to report suspected sexual discrimination or 性骚扰 to the 第九条办公室. The 第九条办公室 has many resources and supportive measures to help those experiencing sexual discrimination or harassment, but those resources and supportive measures cannot be put to good use if the 第九条办公室 does not know about the sexual discrimination or harassment.

支持性措施是非纪律性的, 酌情提供非惩罚性个性化服务, 合理可用, and without fee or charge to the complainant or the respondent before or after the filing of a formal complaint or where no formal complaint has been filed. Such measures are designed to restore or preserve equal access to the 大学’s education program or activity without unreasonably burdening to the other party, including measures designed to protect the safety of all parties or the 大学’s educational environment or deter 性骚扰. 支持性措施可能包括咨询, 延长截止日期或其他与课程相关的调整, 修改工作或课程表, 校园陪护服务, 双方接触的相互限制, 工作或居住地点的变化, 休假, 增加安全, 监控校园的某些区域, 以及其他类似的措施. The 大学 must maintain as confidential any supportive measures provided to the complainant or respondent, to the extent that maintaining such confidentiality would not impair the ability of the 大学 to provide supportive measures. The 第九条 Coordinator is responsible for coordinating the effective implementation of supportive measures.

你可以决定是否要调查. 在昂山素季政策下.提出报告或请求资源与正式投诉是不一样的. A formal complaint is a document filed by a complainant or signed by the 第九条 Coordinator alleging sex discrimination, 性骚扰, 或报复. It is only if a complainant files a formal complaint or the 第九条 Coordinator signs a formal complaint that the 大学 will conduct a formal investigation.

个人可以向第九条办公室举报,但拒绝提交正式投诉. 在这种情况下, 这个人有权通过第九条办公室要求资源和支持措施, 但不会进行正式调查.

No. The 第九条 resources and supportive measures are not dependent on a person filing a police report.

一般来说,没有. 第九条程序和刑事诉讼程序是两个独立的程序. 然而, 如果投诉人或受害人是未成年人, 根据州法律, 第九条办公室必须向警方报告任何性骚扰事件. 也, 在某些情况下, 校园社区的健康和安全在哪里受到威胁, 第九条办公室可以向警方报告. These are very rare circumstances and are treated with the utmost confidentiality and discretion.

是的. 你可以向第九条办公室匿名举报. 但是,匿名举报不属于调查对象. 必须有投诉人和正式投诉才能启动调查. An anonymous report helps the 第九条办公室 know of potential allegations or evidence of wrongdoing, 但没有正式投诉和调查, 第九条办公室不能对被告实施制裁.

至于向第九条办公室披露的信息的保密性, the 大学 must maintain as confidential any supportive measures provided to the complainant or respondent, to the extent that maintaining such confidentiality would not impair the 大学’s ability to provide the supportive measures.

The 大学 must keep confidential the identity of any individual who has made a report or complaint of sex discrimination, 包括任何举报或正式投诉性骚扰的个人, 任何信访人, 任何被举报实施性别歧视的人, 任何被, 有没有证人, 除非联邦政府允许 家庭教育权利和隐私法案,其规定,或按要求 犹他州政府记录和管理法案 (格兰马草)、联邦 卫生信息可携带和责任法案 (HIPAA)或其他法例, 或执行第九条的目的, 包括进行任何调查, 听力, 或根据第九条引起的司法程序.

The 大学 will protect confidential communications to designated 大学 advocates authorized by the 第九条 Coordinator, 受犹他州保护 校园倡导保密修正案 (犹他州法典§53B-28-101) 节.), where disclosure is not required by applicable federal law, including 第九条, Title VII, or the Clery行为,或书面同意.